Our Program


SCOPE is a second stage recovery program offering a safe space for men returning to society for continued growth, to pursue sobriety, and further their education & work skills.



SCOPE is offered to adults in need without regard to their race,disability, religious heritage or preference, or gender orientation.

​​SCOPE Transitional and Sober Living for Men:

SCOPE Transitional House offers a (9) to (18) month program with the potential to extend to (24) months. The Transitional House can best be described as a house providing shelter and services primarily designed to serve men who are transitioning from prison and/or addiction. Addressing the risk factors for recidivism and  to teach the necessary skills and financial literacy is  our MISSION  at SCOPE Transitional Housing Program. The program focus will be to equip and empower for successful living through offering S.I.D.E

1.) STRUCTURE(work training, job search, and job placement)

2.) INTEGRITY( the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness)

3.) DEVELOPMENT(To gain skills needed to be successful upon returning to the Community)

4.) EMPOWERMENT( to give the authority and power to control ones life in a positive way)

Criterion Acceptance:

Individuals are required to be employed or employable and be sober from alcohol and drug use for at least (30) thirty days prior to entry.

( January 1,2023 $150 non refundable deposit and $100 weekly service fees due at time of acceptance, and a $10 late fee if paid after 12 noon on Saturday).

Individuals must be willing to cooperate with a high level of accountability.

Individuals must be willing to invest in their futures through employment, education, community volunteer work, recovery groups or treatment as needed.

Individuals must be willing to agree to a background check prior to program entrance and agree to all of the requirements of the attached program.

While the SCOPE Transitional Housing is designed to provide structure, it will also strive to model self-governed and independent living, providing participants/members the opportunity to accept responsibility for their choices while living in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Should you have any questions or additional interest, please feel free to contact us.


Derrick L. Matthews